Does graphic design require drawing?


I bet you think I’m going to lavish pounds of hot praise on the ability to draw, given the purpose of my site and the fact that I sell drawing courses.

However, I’ll say that if you’re looking to go more Graphic design, then you only need to know how to draw to a degree. Not as much as an illustrator or draftsman, but you will have to understand basic drawing concepts.

If you get very good at manipulating symbols and using various design program, you could theoretically get by or even excel with very little drawing.

Still, the ability to draw will be of great benefit to you, simply because it allows you to explore ideas quickly, and check for errors before they become glaring.

As to what type of drawing would be most useful for one who aims to be a graphic designer, it largely depends on what styles of design you’re drawing to. Some logos are quite well-drawn, and in that case, learning illustration and basic shape drawing will be rather vital to your success.

I’d say you can just take the simple route, and work through a couple beginner courses and cultivate enough ability to get you through the concept and polish phase of your design process.

As a designer, I’d just get a sketchbook, and fill it to the brim with designs. You can always photograph or scan them later, but the traditional aspect of drawing will help you feel much more connected to your work, and you’ll be learning drawing skills in the process.

Even drawing other graphic design styles you like and then spinning or sketching alternate variations of that will prove immensely beneficial to your drawing ability.

All in all, you’ll be better of knowing how to draw. The key, however, is learning how to perceive and design. Drawing is mostly a means to facilitate that.

Taylor Payton